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A LA BÚSQUEDA DE VEYRAT, video performance in and around the studio, August 2018

Video performance made with the collaboration of Diego Latorre and Marie-France Veyrat

Diego had been looking for me for a few days! He found me in the studio one summer afternoon finishing some pieces for my next exhibition. We walked around the studio and improvised a walk through the Grup Artquitectònics, towers made in bronze, and by Land art works such as L' Épave (The Pavement) and Le Sanctuaire made with organic matter that comes from the near country landscape where it was born, grew and multiplied. Sculptures, installations and passable environments are mixed integrating with trees and plants in such a way that it is difficult to know where some begin and others end. To remember the unusual encounter, we edited this video that deals with a journey of two restless souls with no other pretence than the discovery of a place shared by two artist-friends passionate about art.


Who knows if the searching friend finally found Veyrat ...

What is certain is that it was an enriching afternoon for both of them. An unexpected, surprising, different adventure, a new experience.


L'épave , 2003, passable environment, 1600x1450cm.


Le sanctuaire , 2003, environment passable, 2200x1030cm.

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