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 PARELLES ARTÍSTIQUES, Creative experiences for mental health 2019-2022

Sala Àmbits, Cambrils April 29, 2022

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The exhibitions of the Parelles Artístiques planned in different centres in Catalonia have resumed again after two years of inactivity during the pandemic.

The Sala Àmbits de Cambrils hosted the work Ens alliberem along with other works made by participating artists during the 2019-2020 period.

%22Ens alliberem%22 1.jpg

                                                            Ens alliberem,

installation I, 2019, galvanized / textile wire and cypress wood, 25x72x56cm.

installation II, 2019, 27cm textile. diameter, synthetic enamel / cypress wood, 10x68x55cm.

Ens alliberem is a conceptual work: it wants to highlight the lack of freedom of the human being throughout the planet.


It is presented in two structures.


The first is a ball made of clothing that represents humanity oppressed, chained, subjected to an excess of control, to constant pressures, difficult to avoid, such as information, technology, media, political systems ...


In particular, it is a denunciation of the current situation in Catalonia and, specially, in support of its political prisoners.


In the second part of the installation, the ball escapes, it is released, it floats in the air and it expands towards a relief. An allusion to the general desire for freedom and, specifically to the resolution of the actual problems facing Catalonia.


We will find a way out!


In both installations, the wooden support symbolizes the Earth.

Project presented at Centre de Lectura, Reus from January 10 to February 2, 2020

20-01-10_diari mes_2ad150dc-223a-4714-8f

Marie-France has had the pleasure of participating for the second consecutive year in this social project, this time with María José Aguilar, in the creation of a community artistic work and, above all, in an exchange of experiences. They thought again and again about the theme of this project, starting from scratch several times in order to incorporate, in addition to the concepts of nature, sensations and vitality that they wanted to suggest, what motivated them the most at the time: freedom. The experience has been very fruitful for both of them, expecting to experience it again.

A traveling exhibition will take place in various art centers if Covid-19 allows us!

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