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Edition and presentation of the book at the Centre de Lectura de Reus on June 27, 2002.
A fantastic view of the Reus Bell Tower in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Gaudí's birth. Compilation of digital recreations chosen for the projection, completed by a whole series of free creations

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Luminous projections of digital art on the Bell Tower of the Reus Prioral carried out at the request of the City Council and IMAC, Municipal Institute of Cultural Action of Reus.Through these images, the artist intends to pay tribute to the brilliant architect baptized in the Prioral, showing artistic variations that reflect varied points of view of the Bell Tower and its rose window. They are photographs manipulated by computer and printed on transparencies in a completely handmade way to form a sequence of images that are projected at a considerable distance through high-power light cannons. The screenings were made at night from June 14 to June 30, 2002.

SANT PERE 2002 I Diari de Tarragona I Thursday, 27 de Juny

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L'ànec americà

II Edition of the ARCO/BEEP 2007 Electronic Art Awards, one of the most relevant works in the book, drawn by computer and made with new technologies. The digital work is numbered and signed with a print run of 222 units.

Joia gaudiniana

Tòtem amb pintura líquida i  reflexos

Experimentació orgànica

Dansa dels dolfins

"In addition, chromaticity, by the sensitive will of the creator, will capture the colors -which Gaudí always considered inseparable from architecture- that the contemporary artist decides, but which will turn that facade and bell tower of the Reus Prioral into a fantasy concretized in the space, because the artist's intention is not to allow the support of chromoticity to be glimpsed, but rather for it to nullify it, although it is perceived that it is underlying"... 


Arnau puig

Art critic, Sociologist and Philosopher


Xoc meteorític

"But now we find that these experiences of creativity through electronic means, Marie-France Veyrat has the opportunity to take them to the extreme in a virtual and real three-dimensionality, with no other support than a real Gothic building in Reus -which will become an imaginary support- on the occasion and for the idea of paying homage to the very special storyteller of unexplored reality, Antoni Gaudí. It was necessary, therefore, to use the symbolic real architectural support to project into it beams of chromatized light, previously established by the computer according to the creative will of the plastic artist ...
Thus, in the façade and the tower of the Reus Prioral it will be possible to perceive all the strength that Gaudí might have expressed if it had been allowed or requested, but that in the face of the real impossible, now Marie-France Veyrat will make it possible not only making us feel the personality of the great architect, but also showing us our own creativity, that which emerges from the use of a new creative medium, such as that allowed by computer art. Perhaps in reality it would be necessary to perceive this contemporary work as an architecture instituted by the color projected in the space, architecture with a constantly mutating chromatic structure- as perhaps, that bright interior architecture that the stained glass windows and rose windows in the old religious structures-, but that it is now possible to establish in the same reality of infinite space, as Gaudí himself has tried in his own works. Technology and sensitivity are confused".
Arnau puig
Philosopher and Art Critic

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