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ATEMPORAL, public work in Reus, December 2018

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PH Xavi Jorio

Atemporal , 2018, bronze and corten steel, 210x47x32cm.

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On December 11, 2018, the installation of the Atemporal public sculptural piece by the plastic and visual artist Marie-France Veyrat was presented and placed in the Santa Ana suburb of the city of Reus.


This piece was initially installed somewhere else within the framework of "Urban Art" event organized on the occasion of Reus, Capital of Catalan Culture in 2017. This event comprised a wide program of activities that made the city a space for the projection of arts and a bet for Culture and the presentation of local talent.

In its new location, the will of the city is to reinforce Reus Culture and contemporary art. Atemporal becomes part of the Urban Art Heritage in the city of Reus.


Also during 2017 and within the framework of the Reus Cultural Capital, the city presented an exhibition of electronic art in the Museum of Reus, the works of art of the Beep Collection  from the ARCOmadrid / BEEP Awards, of which Veyrat is co-founder and chair of the jury.


Marie-France Veyrat is a multidisciplinary artist, interested in new languages ​​of artistic creation. French by birth and Reus resident by adoption, she has specialized in electronic and digital art.

Reus City Council


Inauguration with the presence of the Mayor, the Councilor for Culture and the Councilor for Education of Reus


PH Xavi Jorio

"Atemporal is a characteristic work that follows the line of my sculptural work that began with Artquitectònics, an Aztec-inspired totem that I discovered during a trip to Mexico. As the title suggests, it represents timelessness in time and space, it is not subject to any law of time, not even to the passage of time.

It is a geometric work where openings such as keys, crescents or oval shapes are signs that have a symbolic meaning of identity of a nation.


It tells of a journey through time, between past, present and future.


• Time ancestor for its totem shape that in the mythologies of some cultures is taken as a symbol or collective emblem of the tribe or the individual.

• The present is generated by the dialogue between the people who live with the sculpture (they look at it, admire it, touch it, enjoy it) and the work that has a life of its own.

• The future is imaginary, mysterious, perhaps mystical, with its textures and a dynamic patina influenced by the weather and the age of the work.


I remark that the patina is an architectural component with an intense and very powerful expressive value. In this case, the patina is the oxidation that happens in the upper and lower part of the sculpture. There is no pigment or paint, only a natural oxidation applied to bronze and corten steel that ends up fusing both parts.


In short, Atemporal, is like the environment, constantly changing".


Marie-France Veyrat

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