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A project carried out with conceptual works often geometric of Mayan inspiration experimenting with polymers and expanded polystyrene, marble, bronze, cement or plaster at the Atelier gallery, Barcelona from April 16 to June 30, 2013

Artquitectònics BRR1, 2011, lost wax bronze and red patina, 61x41x31cm.

Vídeo de la exposición en la galería Atelier de Barcelona realizado por la BTV

Video of the exhibition at the Atelier gallery in Barcelona made by BTV


L'independent de Gràcia 06-07-2013

Ramon Casalé Soler

Museologist, historian and art critic

Member of ACCA and AICA


Tendencias del Mercado del Arte nº 63 - 2013

MARIE-FRANCE VEYRAT. «ARTKITECTÒNICS» Galeria Atelier, Barcelona, from April 16 to June 8, 2013 

Image 1.png

Artiga nº19 July 2013 Revista d'Art i Pensament Contemporani

Symmetrical fishes that sweep solidesa i lleugeresa, the seriousness of the decorats of a futuristic film by Kubrick (an unlikely 2001: A Space Odyssey II) or the players Space Invaders, all plegat in a nova exploration of the seu imaginari Creatiu, with a new chromatic range and disruptive elements that are a fan to manage the balance of the one we have. Remarkable molt is, also, that the artist of the materials: bronze, plaster, expanded foam, aluminum or polystyrene, which endow the set with a great coherence, as if each fish is said to be the same. It is one and the way that one another.

Marius Domingo Urbaneja

Art critic and independent curator

CARREGAT I DESCARREGAT, finalist work in the Vila Casas Foundation's Sculpture Prize 2012 exhibited in the Can Mario de Palafrugell temporary exhibition hall, Girona from June 16 to September 16, 2012. Edition of a catalog

Carregat i decarrregat, 2012, installation, coated expanded polystyrene, painted cardboard and pallet, 160x120x100cm.

Catalogue F Vila Casas 2012 1.jpeg
Catalog F Vila Casas 2012.jpeg

ARTquitectònics: "Dels signes als symbols" at the Galeria Pilar Riberaygua in Andorra la Vella from January 19 to February 24, 2012

Newspaper BONDIA 013 BONAND January 19, 2012

Artquitectònics BRN 3, 2011, lost wax bronze, black patina, 120x41x31cm.

12-01-19_Diari Bondia expo tati.jpg

Estela, 2011, covered plaster, 65x65x12cm.

L'art de viure Andorra nº 85 February 2012

Bonart nº 148 pages 114-115 February 2012 "Artquitectònics"

Second consecutive year at Art Madrid11 and at the same time participation in "El otoño del arte" with the work ARBRE DE LA NOSTÀLGIA, both exhibitions with the Galeria Atelier of Barcelona in February 2011

Artquitectònics G4, 2010, coated expanded polystyrene / lacquered wood, 138x52x42cm.

The pieces chosen for LA TARDOR DE L'ART exhibition were exhibited at ROCA BARCELONA GALLERY 2010-2011 and then at EL OTOÑO DEL ARTE at ART MADRID in February 2011

Arbre de la Nostàlgia, 2010, sound installation, iron and vinyl, 490x150x150cm.



Art Madrid 2011 opens its doors to the public

Photo Magazine

"Among them, it is worth highlighting the presence of pieces by Michael Nyman, Colita, José Moñú, Sara Huete, Carlos Aires, Marie France Veyrat or Carlos Pazos," ...

Alicia miralpeix

A 33 R.P.M., title of the exhibition with the photographer Toni Riera, at the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona on the occasion of the celebration of La Tardor de l'Art from October 5 to November 30, 2010


P.h. Alicia Miralpeix

TARDOR ART 2010 - L'ART DEL VINIL- Galleries & Artists - from October 7 to 30

El Mundo - Tendències  - Vanessa Graell October 14, 2010

Art Market Trends nº 36 page 84 "Crazy about vinyl" - Mar Fortuny October 2010


EXPERIMENTACIONS CORPÒRIES, individual exhibition at the Galeria Atelier, Barcelona from May 4 to June 30, 2010. Presentation by the critic and art historian Daniel Giralt-Miracle. On the occasion of the exhibition a complete catalog has been published in collaboration with Daniel Giralt-Miracle, "marie-france veyrat" (2003-2010)

Experimentacions corpòries - Exhibitions - Atelier


Presentation of the exhibition by Daniel Giralt-Miracle

Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 18.
Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 18.

Edition, May 9, 2010

Bonart, June 2010 nº128 pages 90/91

Artiga nº10 Junio 2010 página 9  Revista d'Art i Pensament Contemporani 
Màrius Domingo Urbaneja 

Art critic, Independent curator

text IMG_2074.jpg

Art Madrid V Contemporary Art Fair 2010 with the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona from February 17 to 21, 2010

Work selected at the BIENNAL D'ART XXXIV Premi d'Escultura Julio Antonio al Museu d'Art Modern de la Diputació de Tarragona from July 11 to August 31, 2008

Artquitectònics G2, 2008, coated expanded polystyrene / lacquered wood, 138x52x42cm.

Veyrat in the company of Arnau Puig, art critic, sociologist and philosopher

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