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PARLEM CONTEMPORANI?, Convent of the Arts, Alcover, Tarragona from January 12 to February 12, 2019

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We are at an overflowing and conceptualistic session 09 of "PARLEM CONTEMPORANI?”, the visual arts cycle of the Convent de les Arts in Alcover.

The event started with an action. Four highly dissimilar installations are presented together, sound, drawing, sculpture and basketwork with Mireia Zantop, Nil Joan, Cristina Ferré, Marie-France Veyrat and Cristian Real.


Aleix Antillach


Elogi al Brutalisme, installation, 2015-2017, concrete, mortar and plaster, 63x42x32cm.

Marie-France Veyrat, with her Elogi al Brutalisme presents four examples of her refined ARTquitectonic sculptures.

“You do it for the piece of sky we are stealing with our building. You do it for the air that will be displaced, and most of all, you do it for the f *** ing concrete. Because it is delicate as blood. "


Ivan Locke


Elogi al Brutalisme: four examples of refined ARTquitectonic sculptures that follow the line of Veyrat's sculptural work, an Aztec-inspired totem that she discovered in Mexico.


Geometric works where openings such as keys, crescents or oval shapes, have a powerful symbolic meaning of identity of a people, in which the air flows through them.


The work seeks to expose the structure, highlights its materials "as they are", provoking the spirit, an attitude that responds to the voluptuousness of austerity. It is raw, vital and basic art.


Cement is a symbol of centuries of progress, docile and strong, monumental and humble at the same time.


The gray does not express anything or arouses any feelings, or association of ideas, in reality it is neither visible nor invisible. No other colour is capable of representing nothing...

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