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AL·LEGORIES ESTRUCTURADES, title of a project exhibition carried out and conceived in honour of wine, in which I experience new sensations and discover a whole world of textures, colours, smells and flavours, related to the fruit of the vineyard.
It took place at the Celler de Jean Leon in Torrelavit, Vilafranca del Penedès in April, 2018

VEYRAT_Emailing CAST.jpg

The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to wine, the result of some experiences lived in a winery. A television screen projects a video with a personal reflection on life experiences during the creative process with the liquid and solid components characteristic of wine, the breeze, the pulp, the seed and the reaction of the matter on the support.

Texture, colour, shape, light, smell, size, shadows interweave and interact in harmony.

6b_Syrah 3.jpg
Morceaux 1.jpg
1_Definitive. jpg.jpg

According to Paul Cézanne "Everything comes down to this: having sensations and reaching nature".


Carregat i decarrregat, 2012, installation, treaty expanded polystyrene, painted cardboard and pallet, 160x120x100cm.

The second part is a reworked photograph dedicated to the Castellers of Vilafranca, town cradle of the Castellers (construction and deconstruction of human towers in the open air, usually with accompanying music and onlookers around), with an installation entitled Carregat i descarregat that symbolizes the performance of men, women and children forming towers that assemble and disassemble. The technological works that accompany the installation represent the different performances that recall outstanding moments lived intensely by the participants in the towers. The technique consists in using digital or analogue errors for aesthetic purposes as creative inspiration.

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