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Setmana de l'Art 2023

Museu de Lleida

Category: VISITES INESPERADES 2023-2024

Six works of art have infiltrated the tour of the permanent collection of the Museum of Lleida for a few weeks. 

Visites inesperades is a project of the Art Galleries of Catalonia (GAC), within the framework of the Setmana de l'Art, an event organized by this association that takes place simultaneously at the Can Framis Museum of the Antoni Vila Casas Private Foundation in Barcelona, in the Maricel Museum in Sitges, in the Lleida Museum and in the Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona. The itinerary of the four exhibitions includes works ranging from the late 19th century to the present day and represents a meeting between artists from different generations but from a contemporary perspective. 

In the tour of the museum's archaeological area, a painting by Subirachs (Artur Ramon Art) reflects on death next to the remains of a pregnant woman from the Bronze Age, while a sculpture by Marta Pruna (Espacio Caballeros) refers us to the strength of women in ancestral cultures such as the Iberian. As we enter the rooms of medieval and Renaissance and Baroque art, the works of García-Llort (Sala Dalmau), Marie-France Veyrat (Galería Atelier) and Maria Eugenia Trujillo (Imaginart Gallery) play with spiritual and religious symbols and transgress them . Finally, the work of Lorenzo Fernández (Pigment Gallery) reflects on the concept of looting works of art on a large empty wall.  

From here we also invite you to continue your visit to the exhibition at the rest of the participating museums and, of course, to discover the art that the art galleries offer you.

Montse Frisach.

Creus B was part of the exhibition of the "VISITES INESPERADES AL MUSEU DE LLEIDA", artist's work found through the Atelier gallery. Project of the Art Galleries of Catalonia (GAC), within the framework of Art Week, curated by Montse Frisach.


"Throughout her career, Marie-France Veyrat has explored different artistic languages and has worked with very diverse materials. In this work, Veyrat has "drawn" a series of crosses by cutting out a large white surface of expanded polystyrene. Although the intention of the artist is basically doing a geometric exercise and not a spiritual one, the various figures that appear in the semi-sculptural piece evoke the cross as a universal symbol that has been adopted by numerous cultures around the world.

Montse Frisach

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