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The artworks from the exhibition La Forme De l’Eau convert tangible memories into its most poetic elements, freezing an instant and making it infinite. An installation made with physics and fluids capturing the fall of water and emulates its shape in 3D printing.

Water no longer falls but rises as in the language of dreams in opposition to Newtonian laws. The latter is transformed into algorithms in real time, which follows one another choreographically in parallel with Marie-France’s voice which narrates the story of her discovery.


Bleu-Neige -another artwork- deconstructs a dynamic landscape in all of its poetic elements, sound, colors and rhythms.

Thus, time stretches out.

This piece joins together Einstein theories as well as the work of other artists exploring this « metaphysical drift ».

Making fun on the speed of our consumption and our eagerness for novelty in contemporary society, Veyrat and de los Ríos invite us to reflect from the contemplation and poetics of the moment, the science of memory.

Multi-support installation made up of 6 photographs


Bleu-Neige, 2023, print on methacrylate, 120x80cm.

23-06-24_IMG_6605 2.JPG

Bleu-Neige, 2023, video 4K 45 min.

Màrius D_IMG_6588.JPG

Bleu-Neige, 2023, print on methacrylate, 60x120cm.

Bleu-Neige embraces our memory through a painting in motion, deconstructing a dynamic landscape of the Italian Alps and its poetic, sonic, chromatic and rhythmic elements, thus extending time.

Ironically, Marie-France Veyrat and Jaime de los Ríos reflect on the speed of consumerism and the greed for novelty in contemporary society, encouraging us to consider the science of memory through the contemplation and poetics of the moment.

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