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COLLAGE 1990-1999

Marie-France continues to produce textile research installations, tapestries and collages in various measures.
She wants to highlight the period during which she dedicates herself to large works incorporating natural elements and progressively materials of all kinds in the search for three-dimensionality


Taques, mixed media/wood, 129x103x12cm.

136- TERRES 3.jpg

Terres 3, mixed media, recycled paper/cardboard, 33.5x34.5cm.

121 - LA FENTE.jpg

La fente, high heddle, 70x45x25cm.

103 - THE VOILE.jpg

La voile, mixed media/wood, 102x70cm.


Composició I, mixed media/wood, 84x81cm.


Desprendiment, mixed media/wood, 147x92x12cm.

104- PEAU D'ORS.jpg

Peau d'ours, mixed media/wood, 112x74x12cm.

33-sense titol.jpg

Sense títolmixed media/wood, 87x114x12cm.

gallery Peter Otto - Nou Diari 1991.jpeg

Nou Diari I October 26, 1991

Tourbillon, mixed media/wood, 102x70x12cm.

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