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Joyas Digitales de la .NewArt { collection;}. Segunda Parte.

Collective exhibition in Lima, Peru through the gallery L'imaginaire de l'Alliance Française.

“Joyas Digitales de la .NewArt { collection;}. Segunda Parte." Through the works of eight artists, it presents a brief but intense sample of the virtual treasures that this collection preserves, creating a legacy for future generations.

This reflection on the legacy, articulated by the works of Keith Armstrong, Alba G. Corral, Josecarlos Flórez, Marina Núñez, Paul Thomas, Marie-France Veyrat and Jaime de los Ríos, Peter Weibel, is established both from an ecological and a historical and cultural point of view, influencing our way of perceiving the world, of perceiving ourselves, and of perpetuating memory.

La Forme de l’Eau. Poétique d’un Instant, by Marie-France Veyrat and Jaime de los Ríos proposes a hybrid aesthetic-scientific work not exempt from irony and poetic ambition, by influencing the narrative impossibility of science in spiritual dispositions, facing processes such as the current one, together with scientists and technologists to address new readings, such as stopping for a moment or seeing a myriad of data in milliseconds. 

                                                                                                                   Vicente Matallana – Director -. NewArt {collection;} & {foundation;}


La Forme de L'Eau. Poétique d'un Instant
Marie-France Veyrat / Jaime de los Ríos
Multi-support installation - 2022
4K video playback



La Forme de l'Eau. Poétique d'un Instant, 2019-2020, audiovisual installation 3D in PETG, 190x30x30cm.

Revista d'art i pensament contemporani
​Creation pages 8-9

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 12.27.29.png

Marie-France Veyrat & Jaime de los Rios


How do we preserve our memories?


Memory tends to dissipate the form. In the drift of our most rational thought, we tend to scientificize our memories: where, how, when... Computable and direct data that in most cases reduces the experience of what has been lived to a list of items.


La forme de l’eau converts a tangible memory into its most poetic elements, freezing an instant and making it infinite.

An installation made with scientific and physical simulations of fluids to capture the fall of water and emulate its shape in 3D printing, which no longer falls, but rises as in the language of dreams opposed to Newtonian laws, and rendered algorithms in real time, which follow one another choreographically in parallel with the first-person account of Marie-France, who shares her voice to narrate a discovery.

Ironizing about the speed of consumption and the eagerness for novelty in contemporary society, Veyrat and de los Ríos invite us to reflect from the contemplation and poetics of the moment.


It was a spring day when I came across the falling water....


The memory of the ephemeral...


When the idea of the project arises!



The story, which leads us to discovery, begins with a hike walk. It sometimes runs along the stream that winds in its bed among wild pines, hazelnut trees, oaks and almond blossom crops under a beautiful blue sky. 

Suddenly we find ourselves in a lunar landscape of conglomerates alternating with layers of sandstone and clay and tabular reliefs... which suddenly reminds me of Pamukkale during a trip to Turkey. The limestone blocks that form the rock walls, gorges and tabular shapes are perforated and resemble fine embroidery that water gradually absorbs over time. I make a small stop and I imagine huge icebergs that come ashore on the very banks of the islet. In the middle of the cliffs, high mountain rocks and pine trees surrounded by water form here and there small natural pools. One hears only the faint murmur, the whispering of a wave among the pebbles. Rocks in the shape of ancient safes stand in front of us. 

The landscape becomes denser, we are surrounded by stones of all capricious shapes that time and water leave on the rocks, a spectacular play produced by erosion that I observe carefully. It seems the path stops; we arrive at a circus or esplanade and a reservoir of water. The sound of water falling on the rocks tells us that we are about to reach our goal. 

Indeed, in the distance, we see and hear a waterfall fall with force. Admittedly, it is not precisely the Niagara Falls, but it especially attracts my attention by its simplicity and by the situation of the harmonic framework that surrounds it. The crystal-clear turquoise water pond makes this place a unique spot of great beauty. I approach, I stop to listen to the sound of water gushing as it hits the ground. I want to place myself under the fall and close my eyes. Fine particles of water softly whip and caress my face. The water is pure, I breathe deeply, I feel so good that I would like to stop the hands of my watch. I am moved, I want to capture this moment forever!! 

The feeling of well-being takes hold of me, I found it! I start taking many photographs with my mobile phone as if time was holding me back and not letting me capture this brief moment of pleasure. I don't want to lose this moment at any cost, I want to immortalize it. For me, the best way to capture it is to express it and share it with those who wish to participate in La Forme de l’Eau. Poétique d’un Instant.

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